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12 Best Video Game Stories Ever

Here we came with the list of 12 best Stories of video games. The Gameplay with out good Game Story is like a Bread with out egg or something else. So in the game story is the most important thing. Check out the list and tell us if we miss some thing.

12- Assassin’s Creed 2













Ezio can go up against Borgia with the assistance of his partners and recoup the Apple, however Borgia escapes before he might be executed. A worldwide calamity happened that almost wiped out both sides, and the survivors joined together to develop “sanctuaries” over the Earth to permit people to keep a comparable disaster later on. As the group heads towards another safe house, Lucy clarifies that there are new found shortcomings in the Earth’s attractive field; a sunlight based flare striking this shortcoming would result in a comparable level of worldwide decimation as portrayed by Minerva…